The Pomodamore Food Factory Co. grows, harvests and markets its own ultra-quality vegetables.

We have designed our company to exploit and follow the most complete and stringent “farm to table” business model. This perspective allows us to constantly monitor and control our complete supply chain from “farm to table”. This “farm to table” perspective allowing our final products to be of the same premium, high quality, 365 days a year. Our strict monitoring during all stages of production ensuring, you our customers and your end users, that same quality day to day. It is that “farm to table” respect and approach to the business that we as a food company must do all that we can do to protect the environment.By responsibly providing a low-carbon footprint, with an environmentally-friendly, sustainable production with the use of where possible recyclable materials. To do this we had to find a way to guarantee the same top product quality with the minimal impact on our global natural resources, we have done so and by doing so we have chosen to move from the glass jar to the plastic jar.

The high quality Italian line up of products are now being packed in a wide mouthed, multi layered food retail service plastic jar, which has been designed for easy serving and pouring. This multilayered PP/EVOH/PP ( technical ) jar allows the products to be hot filled, pasteurized and sterilized at temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus providing the end-user with extended ambient shelf life while offering improved safety (not glass) in a busy kitchen environment. These jars are also fully re-closable and can also include a pump dispenser where applicable. This hygienic, one-step opening, long-life distribution plastic jar not only preserves the product content from oxygen entry, but also delivers on the easy-to-use, easy-to-store and easy-to-dispose-of,.. final end user’s strictest requirements.

The Antipasti & Sauce line has been successfully launched in Europe in the all classes of trade to include Foodservice, Retail and Club Stores market. We are now ready and excited to announce that we are now geared up for a full release of our items to the United States. We are looking for partners to pioneer our line and to be the first to launch the Pomodamore brand in the United States. Alongside the traditional antipasti and sauces line, we just added a new organic antipasti and sauces family line!

 The new organic antipasti and sauces line is designed to address the need of those professionals who want a high-quality, ready-to-use, EU & US certified, organic meal in sunflower oil.