Declaration of the Suitability of Products Intended for Food Use

We, the company
Genius Food Ideas srl
Strada San Donato, 4F
43122 Parma

Hereby confirm to all customers or whom it may concern that the plastic jars used in the manufacture of vegetables in oil and sauces:
are made only from Polypropylene (approx 98%) and EVOH (approx 2%) and does not contain PVC or Melamine.
All containers are suitable for hot filling at temperatures up to 95oC (please refer to manufactures filling guidelines for further details).

Bisphenol A

The additive Bisphenol A is not present in any of the materials used to make our products, statements held on file from all suppliers confirming this and Food Contact compliance.


GMO ingredients are not used in the manufacture of the materials used.
4-methylbenzophenone, benzophenone or hydroxybenzophenone.
Our raw materials do not contain either 4-methylbenzophenone, benzophenone or hydroxybenzophenone; we have statements from our suppliers confirming this.

Heavy Metals

Compliance has also been established with the requirement of the Directive 94/62/EC regarding environmental requirement on packaging and packaging waste; namely that the sum of the concentration levels of lead, mercury,cadmium and hexavalent chromium present in packaging or packaging components shall not exceed 100 ppm by weight (from 30 June 2001).