Marco and Paola Freddi began working as agents with vegetable raw materials destined to the Italian industrial market. Their activity began by importing champignon mushrooms from Holland and then expanded with olives, artichokes and other vegetables from Spain before eventually consolidating with the importing of natural forest and other cultivated mushrooms from China.


Over the years, this activity gained us invaluable knowledge in the needs of the Italian canning industry, the production process and of raw materials. The experience matured over many years of activity is not limited alone to the knowledge of raw materials according to their commercial classification. Rather our interest begin directly on the “field”, leaving from the cultivation in the open field or greenhouses and, across close contact with the persons responsible for production and quality control. Therefore our knowledge is formalized from the transformation of the raw material to an added value vegetable ingredient.


The commercial and personal relations developed with foreign Countries, carried us to develop an exporting project in 2006, Genius Food Ideas Project. This project focuses on the production of vegetableingredients that meet the requests of ourcustomers, with whom we collaborate to develop new products based on today’s tendencies, always following our Italian culinary culture, to be appreciated universally.


In 2008 we became direct producers of preserved vegetable ingredients, adding to our NPD activity by becoming direct manufacturers. This allowed us to achieve our foundation principle of following ourclients demands, and developing “tailor made” ingredients directly in our control. Today, Genius  Food Ideas runs as NPD and manufacturer under the “”Autentico”” brand.


Genius Food Ideas unites with its sister company DALTER, Italy’s “Food Valley” innovative leader of Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, grated and fresh cut portion packed, expanding its resources and commercial team to cover all European and US markets. This merger promises Genius Food Ideas a bright future and continued success in our pursuit of becoming a market leader of innovation and quality.


Keeping the traditional commitment to innovation, is born Pomodamore Food Factory Co Project. The close relationship and joint investments with Gerardo Scarano, from Le Conserve Daune, located in Cerignola, in the south of Italy, gives birth to a project that grows and harvests our own ultra quality vegetables in “farm to table” business to ensure premium quality of each all natural culinary creation.The Pomodamore Antipasti & Sauces has been successfully launched in Europe in the Foodservice Wholesales and C&C market and we are now geared up for a release in the United States!