In the Foggia province in South Italy, there is a farm where, besides stately secular olive trees from which a high quality extra virgin olive oil is extracted, you can still find, in cultivation, numerous plants of artichoke.

Well line up and regularly spaced, along an only line of over hundred meters, it seem to have been put there, to testify the patient job of whom, as Gerardo, has cultivated them with particular care and attention.

Gerardo, owner of the farm, affirms to deliberately have chosen to keep on cultivating these artichokes not only for affective motives (the artichokes have been planted by his grandfather more than 60 years ago) but above all for their characteristics of good taste and particular crisp tenderness.

The process of the fresh artichokes is typical of the country tradition, they are processed as the peasants did decades ago, the aspect of the artichoke heads presents particular characters: the form is very lengthened, almost perfectly triangular and it finishes aloft with a small point from the reddish tones, the color is of a warm green, with the typical striations of the raw process that only towards the lowest part of the brattees leaves place to a stain of intense violet.

The artichoke “of the country tradition”, further to be a variety of the tradition handed down from generation to generation, thanks to the patient work of Gerardo, ensure traditional process to bring to our tables, traditional flavors.

4 Jars per shrinkpack 27 sp per layer, 7 layers, 189 sp per 100X120 pallet

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