The Peranzana olive was introduced in Daunia, a Puglia region area, by Raimondo di Sangro in the mid-1700s and he introduced the olive in his possessions, coinciding with the triangle territorial between San Severo, Torremaggiore and San Paolo di Civitate.

That’s why you can only find the Peranzana olives in this corner of Italy.

The Peranzana olives are the region of Puglia’s best crops olive, of medium size with a characteristic variegated bronze color and firm texture.

A fantastic table olive for its organoleptic and palatability characteristics due to optimal consistency of its flesh and the sweet balanced flavour which is associated with a distinct aftertaste of green tomato.

The preparation technologies are artisanal, simple and tasty if enriched with fennel seeds, parsley, garlic, red pepper, basil and oregano, will give flavour to your salads, sauces and gravies.

Available whole or pitted

4 Jars per shrinkpack 27 sp per layer, 7 layers, 189 sp per 100X120 pallet

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