Flexitarian Food Project

Good for health. Good for the environment.


The Flexitarian diet has undeniable advantages, hence why we have decided to develop a range of products which follow this trend.

There are many reasons why people choose to become a vegetarian: killing animals is cruel, the mass production of meat is damaging to the environment and eating too much meat, is bad for your health.

But, for some the concept of giving up meat is impossible.

The term flexitarian, describe people who are essentially vegetarian but on occasion would also eat meat.

The name is derived from the words “flexible” and “vegetarian”.

It’s a growing dieting trend defined as “a normally meatless diet that occasionally includes meat or fish”, so limiting meat consumption to when, you really, really want it.

Its growth has been so important it was defined as a “key food trend for 2017”.

When there is a mix of diets in one household, it allows for a more inclusive household.

For a family with vegetarian individuals, it is easier to cook and eat meals together.

Plastic Jar 1100g (38,8 Oz).

4 Jars per shrinkpack 27 sp per layer, 7 layers, 189 sp per 100 x 120 pallet

Vegan Bolognese ragout (seitan based)

Basil pesto with tofu

Quinoa mild-hot sauce

Pulse sauce

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