Bad weather consequences in Puglia: extensive damage to the industrial tomato crops.

Agricultural productions are victims of the bad weather emergency in Puglia.
The region has been hit in recent days by storms and hail, particularly in Alto Tavoliere area and in the province of Bari.
The main crops, along with cherries and wheat, severely are damaged the tomato crops.
“Out of more than 10 thousand hectares affected by the weather, 3 thousand are those destroyed in the Foggia area and it is feared that many hectares are at risk for other crops,” says Giorgio Mercuri, president of the Alleanza delle cooperative agroalimentari.
“Only for the tomato in the province of Foggia it is estimated a loss of over 20 million euro, with nearly 4% of national production destroyed in one day. It is highly at risk the achievement of planned objectives”.

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